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Travertine Marble Tiles, Pavers and Driveways in Texas

Travertine and Marble are showcased in the architecture in many Historic Texas buildings. Over the long period of colonization and settlement, people of different nationalities erected buildings throughout the state of Texas. Courthouses, churches, historic homes, schoolhouses, theatres, banks, cemeteries, monuments and statues represent the rich history of the state. The use of travertine has been well documented in such structures. Travertine has been used extensively in courthouse floors. The city of Austin in Texas is built on limestone and the area has many travertine formations.

North and western parts of Texas receive snowfall annually. Travertine pavers are suitable for such weather as they don’t crack in freezing conditions. Architects and builders swear by travertine because it is an affordable natural stone, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Travertine is porous and has texture, providing a natural non-slippery surface – an excellent choice for pools, patios and decks as stone pavers. It is great for outdoor applications and offers excellent grip, even when wet. The random striking patterns and distinctive veining continue to make travertine, the choice of most builders.

Texas housing market still continues to grow faster than the rest of United States. Buyers and homeowners are always constructing and renovating homes. Travertine and marble have been used at significantly in residential and commercial properties. They are prominently used in foyers, floors, hallways, living room floors, bathroom floors, kitchen floors, paved patios and garden paths. The popularity of both travertine and marble as flooring materials continues to rise in Texas.

Travertine tiles are available in matte and glossy finishes. Options include filled honed, unfilled honed, brushed, tumbled and polished. The holes in travertine determine its grade – fewer holes usually implies better grade. Travertine tiles are cheaper than pavers. Travertine is popular flooring choice as it is one of the most durable stone floor building materials available. Ease of installation and easy upkeep are also factors for the popularity of travertine.

Similarly, marble floor tiles add elegance to interior spaces and provide endless design possibilities. They are easy to clean, making them a practical addition to homes. Floor tiles are available in many color and style combinations.