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Over the years, Stone-Mart has been recognized as the Premium Supplier of Travertine Tiles and Pavers to Homeowners and Builders World-Wide & throughout the United States.

We provide individuals with the BEST QUALITY TRAVERTINE TILES AND PAVERS, BAR NONE and are rated 1st by our customers for quality materials. Stone-Mart products have been used by THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS to complete their interior and exterior design projects.

In addition, we also provide many various exquisite flooring options to color coordinate and accentuate each design allowing for your own unique and personal touch. Due to our immense inventory consisting of MORE THEN 3 MILLION SQUARE FEET in NATURAL STONE TILES, PAVERS AND SUNDRIES, not only do we import, export and ship from our Tampa Warehouses directly to your home or jobsite, but we also provide the industry's Most Highly Trained, "Stone Specialists" to assist you in every step of the process. From making the best choices in products, shipping and pricing to advising you on an extended after-care maintenance program based on your project's environment.


Then take advantage of Stone-Mart's, "Florida Quick-Ship" program! Because of our massive inventory of 1st quality products and shipping capabilities you can receive your job materials, with SAME-DAY DELIVERY, in most cases or by the next day when material is ordered by 1 pm!!

At Stone-Mart, we have an endless range of premium travertine tiles, travertine mosaics, premium travertine pavers, marble tiles, marble pavers and more which have been put together to provide the best flooring options for you as our customer. Our choices in both interior and exterior options will keep you coming back for more. We also offer a diverse range of pavers and copings which are incomparable to any other supplier but we also give YOU THE CUSTOMER our products at SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTED PRICES compared to any other online, natural stone tile and paver store.

Our outdoor range of copings and pavers are found in numerous sizes and designs which have been designed with unique and popular, textures, colors and surface finish to suit your landscape needs. With material options available for driveways, pool decking, walkways and patios, our collection is the one stop shop for all your outdoor paver needs. We at Stone-Mart directly import all our travertine pavers as well as tiles and some marbles from Turkey. Other popular marble products as well as premium stone accessories are supplied to us by our flooring manufacturing partners from around the world. For the indoor lover, we have put together a wide array of interior finishes that range from moldings and filled tiles to borders. At Stone-Mart we ensure you will find the ideal travertine tiles or pavers to meet your tastes as well as your budget and meet your design criteria.

Our Staff at Stone-Mart has been associated with the stone tile and paver industry for almost a decade in which time we have become the recognized leaders in quality products. As our valued customer, you are guaranteed to be given our highest attention to detail to assist you in your décor needs. In addition we have developed long term partnerships with the most reputable national and international freight companies across the United States to ensure that your travertine tiles, marble tiles and natural stone products are maintained in the best of conditions while being shipped at the very best prices. All our shipments are made from our wholesale travertine and marble warehouse located in Tampa, FL.

When you think about tile, the thought of travertine may come to mind. When you buy from us the travertine tile will look amazingly beautiful and really hold its value. Travertine was formed millions of years ago when the deposits of ancient hot springs combined with limestone deep within the earth. We have many different samples of travertine tiles and pavers on our website and in our showrooms to help transform your landscaping project or interior remodeling project into a work of art. We have an extensive selection of travertine and marble tiles as well as travertine pavers in our inventory and can ship the material immediately from our Tamap warehouse. The floor tile information we provide here will help you understand the differences between flooring and outside tiles. It is important to find the right material for your project. Our Natural Stone Specialists can help you find the perfect material for your outdoor patio, walkway or pool deck as well as help you find the perfect tiles for that new kitchen. Our staff specializes in helping you find the best quality AND the best value for your dollar. Travertine is the most popular natural stone tile sold and you should only buy from a supplier you can trust.

Travertine if is the perfect natural material for your home. It has a life expectancy of over 100 years, comes in many colors and styles and wide variety of sizes. Since travertine is a natural stone created over millions of years deep within the ground, each tile or paver has its own natural variations that enhance the look of the stone and give it character and life. The size of tiles or pavers you prefer is up to you though your use and space can help dictate which direction you choose. Our Natural Stone Specialists can help you with your design process. To place an order simply call us today or complete our online form and one of our specialists will contact you to discuss your project.

Travertine Floor Tiles

Nothing can compare to the beauty of natural stone flooring. Stone Mart provides the highest quality materials for your project ? inside our out. Some things to consider when making your purchase:

  • The size of the area you are working in                                                                                                                                         
  • The intended look for the area
  • The intended use for the area

Our specialists can help you find the perfect tile or paver based on the three items listed above.

Finishes to consider:

  • Filled and Honed
  • Filled, Honed and Polished                                                                                                                                                         
  • Brushed and Chiseled
  • Tumbled

Each finish provides a unique look and some finishes are more appropriate for different uses. For instance tumbled pavers and tiles provide great slip resistance and are the perfect material for your hardscape projects while polished tiles bring a look of elegance and class to your great room.

If you are installing your tiles yourself here are a few things you will need:

  • Floor leveling compound
  • Wet Saw with a diamond blade for cutting natural stone                                                                                                                
  • A trowel or two and a spade
  • Multipurpose Thinset
  • Basic pair of snippers
  • Grout

Once your new travertine tiles you will want to preserve them and maintain their beauty. Travertine is quite easy to care for if you follow a few basics:

  • After installation seal your tiles with a Natural Stone Sealer.
  • For general cleaning wet mopping is all that is needed
  • For more intense cleaning use a cleaner designed for Natural Stone-Mart                                                                                        

Once properly sealed your tiles will not need to be sealed for 6-8 years depending on the brand of sealer you use. Our Natural Stone Specialist can answer all of your sealer and cleaning questions so that you can protect your investment for as long as you own your home.

When you are selecting pavers many of the same rules apply. However, travertine pavers, unlike tiles, can be set in mortar if you have an existing slab or they can be sand set. Here are a few things to have when you are ready to install your pavers:

  • Crushed Concrete for your base material between 7-12inches depending on drainage needs                                                     
  • Sand base ? two options: A sand only mixture or a mixture or Portland and sand
  • Rubber mallet for tamping the stones in place

Depending on your existing conditions paver installation techniques can vary so call our specialists today and we can assist you with your questions and help you determine the best materials and the best possible installation method to bring your project to life!

We service all of Florida including and can provide "Moffat- truck- service" in Florida to Orlando, Miami, Naples, Jacksonville,...but we also ship daily to many other cities including: Charlotte, Raleigh, Dallas, Houston, Austin, NY, NJ, Lafayette?and anywhere in the U.S.

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