Travertine Floor Tile

Silver French Pattern Traverine Tile

French Pattern Silver Tile.

Travertine Natural Flooring

Travertine is a natural stone whose beauty can not be matched. In the past decade man-made products have copied the look but you can not copy the texture and feel of real travertine. It adds the appearance of true luxury that only real stone can provide.

We Are the Importers

At Stone-Mart we are the direct importers of real Turkish travertine. Not only are there are no middlemen so you are getting the best quality and the best price but you are dealing directly with the source.  And because of our longstanding relationships with the quarries in Turkey we are able to hand select each and every block of stone that gets processed into  our tiles and pavers.  Anyone else you buy from gets what we passed on.

Take a few minutes to look around the site to see what appeals to you. Then, contact one of our stone specialists to help you with the buying process.
Please keep in mind that the images you see are an excellent representation of the product you will get but it is not exact. Natural products, stone being one of them, is not made uniformly by nature. It is a random process of chemical precipitation that creates travertine making each and every tile or paver a unique piece.  Request your free sample from the exact lot of stone your shipment will come from.  At Stone-Mart we strive to meet your every expectation.


If you are looking for something that is not too vibrant but also is not too muted this beautiful tile is the color selection for you.  This Medium River is between our soft colored Earth tones such at the Country Classic or Roman blend (Lean more towards tans and browns)  and the vibrant colors like Desert Gold or Autumn Blend (Lean more towards bright golds and reds).  It is a soft golden color from light cream to a medium brown.  Just perfect for in between. The color pattern in this stone is varied between the flowing veins that are the hallmark of our River collections to the splas


The softest light shade of mocha softens the stone's surface while introducing hints of creamy vanilla and ivory.  This is a stone that can be both classic and contemporary. ATTENTION - Ordering on this site is for SAMPLES ONLY . If you wish to have a full sized sample or place an order please call us at: (813) 885-6900


The 'River Collection' is a series of stones where it's name is derived from the flowing patterns of color through the stone .  These  patterns are like the patterns you might see in a flowing river. This 4x4 Medium River Tumbled Travertine Tile is a beautiful selection of mid tone colors.  With a slightly richer base than a white or near white, almost a latte color it has light browns, amber and an almost milk chocolate color flowing through this stone.  The 4x4 tiles are great for back splashes, accents, shower walls and floors or even waterlines of pools! ATTENTION - Ordering on t