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Useful Tips on How to Maintain Your Travertine Tiles

Travertine is very similar to limestone and marble in terms of physical and chemical composition, so maintenance procedures are almost the same for all three stone types. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that the stone is properly sealed. If you installed honed or tumbled travertine in your bath, dining room, kitchen, etc., check with the installer to ensure that the stones were sealed. Proper sealing will help keep aggressive agents and acidic liquids from leaving marks on the tiles.
  1. Do not use bleach, lemon or orange based cleaning agents, ammonia, or vinegar to clean travertine. All you really need is some hot water and a stone cleaning product. Your travertine supplier may be able to recommend a cleaning solution.
  1. Regularly dust mop your travertine floor. Use a non-treated and clean dry dust mop every other day or so, and then a wet mop with hot water and stone cleaning agent once a week. Experts recommend against vacuuming stone flooring.
  1. Use poultices for stubborn stains. Should your travertine tiles get stained and normal cleaning procedures don’t fix the problem, a poultice might help. Combine baking powder with formulated stone cleaner to create a paste. Smooth it over the stain and then cover with a clear plastic wrap. The poultice should drain the stain out slowly, over a period of several days. Remove the poultice using warm water and then buff the surface with a chamois or cotton cloth.

Talk to your travertine supplier if you want to know more travertine tile maintenance tips. This natural stone is a great choice because of its elegance and durability. In fact, travertine is often a huge selling point and can increase the value of your property. But like any natural stone, it needs to be properly maintained. Always ask your supplier about the performance and limitations of this type of stone. They can give you practical tips on avoiding damage and proper maintenance.

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