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Transform Your Patio with Travertine Floor Design Ideas

Are you dreaming of an elegantly finished patio where you can enjoy a coffee and a book, or perhaps even entertain friends? Then it’s time to look for travertine flooring and paver design ideas online. Go to the website of a leading supplier of travertine floor materials in the US to see a wide range of selections and design ideas that can inspire you in giving your patio a makeover. Natural stone suppliers that quarry and import their travertine directly from Turkey and other parts of the world are the best sources of premium grade flooring materials and pavers.They can supply whatever size and finish you need to create a luxurious patio for entertaining or relaxing.

A travertine patio is one of the hallmarks of a truly elegant home. It can add not only to the beauty of your outdoor space but also to the functionality of your home overall. Your travertine patio essentially extends your entertaining and living space, allowing you to hold bigger and more memorable dinners and parties. It also allows you to relax and sprawl out on weekends (or every day if you wish) while enjoying some fresh air and views you’re your property.

Travertine is a beautifully practical patio material because it can handle high foot traffic as well as extreme outdoor temperatures very well. It is an extremely strong natural stone so you can count on it to last for a very long time. Did you know that the Roman Colosseum is made mostly of travertine? That’s proof of its durability. What’s more, travertine has natural friction-producing indentations that make it perfect for areas that may get wet. This means that travertine can add a layer of safety to your patio as well as your pool area because the right finish will provide grip to help prevent slips and falls.

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