Meet Your Interior and Exterior Flooring Needs with Travertine Tiles and Pavers

Creating the perfect indoor and outdoor spaces is easy with travertine. This natural stone is one of the most versatile options for foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms all the way out to the patio, lanai, and pool area. Talk to a leading importer and supplier of travertine tiles and pavers to get professional advice about which options are most suitable for your goals. 

Travertine Tiles for Indoor Applications

Make your home much more elegant honed and filled tiles, or give it some old country chic with brushed and chiseled travertine. Aside from these, there are two other finishes to choose from: polished and tumbled. Your travertine supplier can make expert recommendations on selecting the best finish for the look that you want to achieve. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, or modern, you will find the perfect travertine tiles for it.

Travertine Pavers and Coping for the Outdoor Applications

Travertine pavers are excellent your patio, driveway, and other outdoor entertaining and relaxing places as they give them more sophisticated and luxurious polish. You can also give your pool area a makeover with travertine materials. Choose from chiseled and tumbled pavers and get the best prices from a leading direct importer and supplier in the US.

Whether used outdoors or indoors, travertine is an excellent choice because not only is it natural elegant—it is also known for its durability and practicality. When travertine is used outdoors, you can count on it to withstand changing weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.  Did you know that travertine boasts of high heat resistance? Use it indoors to keep your living spaces cool even during the hottest summer months. This is a fantastic way to reduce your home’s overall cooling costs and make your household easier to maintain in the long run.


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