Explore the Popular Range of French Pattern Travertine Online: Stone-Mart.Com

Whether you are building a home or upgrading your property to increase its value, you can never go wrong with choosing travertine tiles for flooring and travertine pavers for outdoor applications. There may be a lot of colors and designs to choose from, but the French pattern travertine manages to stand out and remain popular with discerning homeowners who want to add a touch of luxury and class to their property. Stone-Mart.Com is the perfect place to get started when exploring the range of French pattern travertine online. You may want to install French pattern travertine if you want a more interesting floor that does not look rigid and basic like what conventional square tiles with straight grout lines can provide.

Also known as the ‘Roman pattern’, ‘Ashlar pattern’, or ‘Versailles pattern’, French pattern travertine can maximize your investment by making your property as attractive and possibly as prestigious as the ancient and majestic structures that were built with travertine. The pattern is defined by the combination of four different sizes of travertine tiles or pavers delivered in two bundles consisting of four 8×8”, two 8×16”, four 16×16”, and two 16×24” tiles or pavers. A set should have 12 pieces to cover a 16 sqft area. Stone-Mart.Com or the manufacturer provides a DIY diagram to guide you or your contractor during installation.

For outdoor applications, Stone-Mart.Com carries a wide variety of French pattern travertine pavers designed for your deck, walkways, balconies, driveway, lanai, patio, and garden. By using these pavers, you can turn your outdoor areas into luxurious and regal venues for entertaining or relaxing. The pavers are typically supplied with a tumbled finish to provide additional grip to your feet to prevent slipping and falling.

Stone specialists at Stone-Mart.Com can help you create the perfect French pattern travertine online to boost your property’s look and value. For indoor use, Stone-Mart.Com is a preferred supplier of French pattern travertine tiles online as they offer free samples, which you can order by phone. Consider taking advantage of this offer, so you can easily determine which color can suit your application.

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