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Did You Know? Properties of Travertine Tiles

When choosing tiles, travertine is one of the options that you should not ignore. It comes in four different finishes and many different colors and styles so you should be able to find the perfect travertine flooring to go with your interior design. There are benefits to using these tiles indoors, and some of these have something to do with the natural stone being a durable, easy to maintain, and practical for any weather condition. Here are five all weather properties of travertine:

  1. They repel water – Travertine tiles can be installed in your bathroom, kitchen, or any room that may be exposed to moisture or wetness. With this flooring, you do not have to worry about slipping and sliding when the tiles are wet or moist. This is because the stone repels water, and if you chose the right finish (i.e. a tumbled or brushed and chiseled edge), the tiles provide extra grip for your feet.
  2. The tiles do not get too hot – It will be difficult for heat to go through travertine, and the stone can easily dissipate it. Moreover, the stone is dense. Hence, travertine is able to remain cool to the touch, even when your surroundings are warm. This feature may help reduce your reliance on air-conditioning systems, especially in the summer.
  3. Environmentally friendly Travertine tiles are considered green flooring because they are formed naturally and do not impose any danger of depleting natural resources. Moreover, the tiles do not go through conventional manufacturing procedures (unlike porcelain tiles and vinyl flooring).
  4. Travertine tiles stay the same – The natural stone can easily withstand extreme weather conditions. Once installed, the natural stone will not fade and will maintain its look and finish. This is due to the durability of travertine, which you can expect to last for generations in your home. To prove the longevity and resilience of the tiles, take a look at iconic and ancient structures that were built with the material, such as the Roman Colosseum, the Basilisque du Sacre Coeur in Paris, and the Getty Center in Los Angeles.
  5. No allergies – Come spring or pet shedding season, some homeowners would usually have to be worried about allergens accumulating in their carpets and wooden floors. Not with travertine tiles. The flooring is hypoallergenic and will not collect pet dander and pollen. It is easier to clean, too, usually with a light vacuum or with some sweeping.

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