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How Travertine Pool Deck Adds Extra Beauty to Your Pool

Your swimming pool area is a crucial spot in your home where you can relax, exercise, entertain guests, and spend some quality time with your family. Those factors are important when choosing the right material for a pool deck, whether you are upgrading or building it for the first time. Travertine pavers are among the materials that you should consider if you want to build a pool deck that can make your swimming pool classier while providing a touch of luxury to your outdoor landscape.
Travertine is one of the extremely popular materials for outdoor applications. Its natural appeal shines when applied as pavers to create attractive outdoor living spaces, like the pool deck. Travertine is known for its durability, which is evident from many well-loved and ancient monuments and buildings that have survived to this day. Travertine pavers come in two finishes: chiseled and tumbled. Tumbled and chiseled travertine pavers will make your pool deck slip-proof. The tumbled finish is achieved by placing the stone with different abrasive sands in a large tumbler to be shaken and vibrated. After tumbling, the edges are softened to achieve a natural and rustic appearance. The unfilled surface offers a higher co-efficient friction, so you can walk safely on your pool deck, even when it is wet or has splashes of water on it. Chiseled travertine pavers have irregular and rough edges for a weathered or raw look. They are honed without filling the small indentations that are all natural to the stone. The result is a look of pristine quality and aged beauty for your pool deck, and an edgy dimension if your pool has a contemporary design. Both tumbled and chiseled travertine pavers will add value to your property because of their durability and proof that they can last for generations. If you cannot decide between the two finishes, consider ordering free samples from reputable natural stone suppliers.

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