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Why Marble Flooring Is Considered The Best Option To Keep Your Home Cool All Year

There are different flooring options available to you, but when you live in a place that is almost always sunny and warm, the best option is something that keep your home cool. Marble flooring is one of options that can help keep your home cooler, especially during the summer. The material is a type of rock that is derived from limestone and formed by going through high amounts of heat and pressure underground. The way marble is formed makes it denser, harder, and more durable than other commonly used materials for tiles, like porcelain, wood, and ceramic.

Even when the rest of your home feels hot and humid, your marble flooring will still remain cool. Often times, you will find that it feels colder than the other surfaces in your home. This is because the rock conducts heat in a different manner. Its high density and hardness enables heat to transfer from a warm object, like your soles. Heat dissipates fast through marble, too, so the flooring does not feel warm. With carpeted or wood flooring, fibers and small air pockets in those materials heat up, but the hot air does not dissipate quickly, causing a warm sensation.

Although the surface of the marble floor may feel cold, its temperature is actually similar to the air in your home. It is your body that gets warm, so any surface you touch is likely to feel cooler due to the difference between your body temperature and the air temperature. However, marble’s density and quick heat conduction would mean that the floor will take a lot more energy before it feels warm to touch.

Marble floors can be great for pets because they can lay on the floor to keep themselves cool during summer. The flooring is hygienic and will not collect pet dander and bacteria, too. Hence, you can be sure that you can achieve not just a cooler home, but also a cleaner and allergy-free indoor environment, too.

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