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Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Travertine Floors

Premium grade travertine floors will last for generations, making them a great investment if you want to increase the value of your home and have more attractive interiors. They may be low-maintenance, but you still need to exert some effort to take care of them. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your travertine floors to maintain their color and style. Here are tips on how you can effectively take care of your travertine tiles:

  • Do not forget to test and seal the tiles – If you have travertine floors in your dining room, kitchen, or bathroom, and it has a tumbled or honed finish, make sure that the tiles are sealed to prevent aggressive agents (i.e. cranberry juice, red wine, vinegar) from leaving a permanent mark or affecting their quality.
  • Clean up any spill immediately – Travertine is a natural stone, which is sensitive to dark-color liquids, acidic liquids, and carbonated beverages. Hence, it is recommend that you wipe up spills as soon as they occur. Use a stone cleaning product and hot water with a clean cloth.
  • Use the right cleaning materials – Avoid using any cleaning product with acidic cleaning agents, bleach, alkalis, and vinegar. It is best not to use a vacuum cleaner as the equipment can create cracks and chips. If the stain is too deep, alkali cleaners are used as the last resort.
  • Dust mop properly – To keep the floor clean, use a dry, clean, and non-treated dust mop regularly, and a wet mop with a stone cleaning agent and hot water once a week.
  • Cover and protect with carpets and rugs – Use carpet runners, door mats, and similar items to help prevent foot traffic from causing elements and dirt that will damage your travertine floors.

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