Know Some of the Benefits Of Using A Travertine Deck

Natural stone is always a good decking material, and travertine pavers are among those you should consider if you want to build a beautiful and elegant deck. Travertine is formed when minerals dissolve in ground water and transfer above ground from natural springs and rivers. Some of the best travertine pavers in the world come from quarries in Europe, Turkey, and Asia before they are cut into smaller pieces to be used as the decking material. There are many benefits to using travertine for your deck. Here are some of them:

  • Different styles and colors – It is almost impossible to run out of choices when it comes to the color and style of travertine pavers. Hence, you should be able to find something that suits your exterior design and your personal taste. Consider buying travertine from a reputable natural stone supplier, which can provide you with free samples of the pavers that you want. This is a good way to determine how they will look exactly when installed.
  • Designed for outdoor application – Travertine pavers come in two finishes: tumbled edge and chiseled edge. The latter provides a worn and weathered look, making them ideal for a rustic-style deck or if you want your outdoor leisure area to look like a castle’s courtyard. Alternatively, you can go with the versatile tumbled edge finish, which boasts a timeless appeal that exudes the right amounts of opulence and grandeur.
  • Excellent grip, even when wet – Travertine will prevent accidents caused by slipping and falling, especially when the floor is wet. The material has pores, which increase friction between the paver and your feet, hence, providing more grip
  • It elevates your home’s status – A travertine deck will add value to your home, and this can be beneficial in case you plan to sell your residence in the future.


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