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How to Increase the Elegance of Your Driveway by Using Travertine

A driveway must not only serve as a parking space for your vehicles—it should make your home look good as well. Travertine pavers are an excellent choice if you want an elegant driveway that can improve your home’s curb appeal while helping increase its value over the long run. Travertine will not only make your property look beautiful and luxurious—it can also increase your property’s selling price in case you decide to move out in the future. What’s more, travertine driveways can last for generations, with ancient structures like the Roman Colosseum proving the natural stone’s durability as a building material.

Travertine is naturally formed in hot mineral springs and limestone caves. Made by nature, it is naturally sustainable and considered environmentally friendly, too, since it does not go through chemical and conventional manufacturing processes. Nature defines the stone’s color and patterns, too, and you will be surprised to know that no travertine paver will look exactly the same as another. Hence, you can create a completely bespoke and bold look for your driveway with travertine pavers.

Premium grade travertine pavers are highly recommended for outdoor applications, such as your driveway. A travertine driveway can easily withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic, and it will be low-maintenance in the long run. Natural stone suppliers carry travertine pavers in two major finishes: chiseled edge and tumbled edge. The chiseled edge finish can provide a weathered or worn look to a travertine driveway in case you want a rustic and classical effect to your property’s facade. Travertine pavers in a tumbled edge finish can go with any landscape or exterior design with their timeless appeal that adds a touch of grandeur and luxury without making the driveway look gaudy.

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