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Buy Premium Quality of Travertine French Pattern Marble Coping

The French pattern (sometimes called the Versailles or Roman pattern) is a great way to lay out marble copings.  Various French pattern marble laying choices can be made using rectangular and square pieces of stone materials. These layouts are suitable not only for marble copings but also for other natural stones like travertine. What makes the French pattern popular when it comes to marble coping layout is the fact that it allows marble to show its natural color variations and patterns quite well.

French pattern marble copings can create varying aesthetics depending on the treatment and finish. From old-world rustic to classically timeless to modern and edgy—any look you want is achievable. Perhaps the biggest advantage of French pattern marble copings is their design versatility. They blend very well with any type of architecture.

This multi-sized pattern offers designers, homeowners, and builders a variety of benefits that go beyond aesthetics. It can break up large spaces such as grand living rooms and patios while being surprisingly adaptable to smaller spaces such as bathrooms and hallways, thereby offering continuity. A full set of French pattern marble pavers creates a unit that is easily repeatable and is easy to expand out in any direction from the first unit, all of them fitting together like a beautiful puzzle. French pattern marble copings also eliminate wall-to-wall grout lines (which is often a huge headache for installers when working with other tile formats).

Natural marble copings allow you transform your pool or outdoor spa area into a luxurious oasis. They require minimal maintenance; in fact, you might only need to clean marble copings before the start and by the end of pool season. They are hypoallergenic and can naturally resist the growth of mold and mildew, so you never have to worry.

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