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Benefits of Using Marble Floors for Your Outdoor Space

Marble is easily among the most elegant options in home flooring, but it can be used for outdoor purposes, too. With marble pavers, your outdoor spaces can exude the same elegance and beauty as your indoors. While expensive to buy and install, marble pavers will easily offset those issues in the long run due to their resilience and the unmatched luxury that they provide to your property. You can expect your marble deck, pool, driveway, patio, or walkway to last for generations without any problems and with minimal care and maintenance requirements.

The durability of marble for outdoor applications is proven by its use in ancient and iconic structures, which are still standing and being admired today. The Washington Monument was made of marble from quarries near Texas, Maryland. These days, you can buy high-quality marble pavers from a supplier that directly imports the materials from quarries in Europe and Asia. Marble was extensively used throughout the Taj Mahal, adding to the overall lavishness and majestic look and feel of the mausoleum. Ancient Roman baths or thermae were made of marble, too.

For outdoor use, marble pavers come with a tumbled finish to provide added grip to feet and tires. That way, the material minimizes slips, falls, and skidding. Marble is low-maintenance as it naturally resists bacteria and the collection of pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. Moreover, it is easy to clean. A clean dry cloth, water, and mild soap can take care of most spills. The material is stain-resistant, too, so dark liquids are not likely to leave a permanent mark on your outdoor leisure and entertainment areas as long as you wipe them up as soon as they spill

Marble pavers can keep certain areas of your outdoors cool because the natural stone conducts heat differently. When it is hot outside, heat quickly dissipates through the stone, so marble does not feel any warmer. The material is dense, too, so it takes more energy to warm it up. Hence, marble floors feel cooler to the touch even when the rest of your body and surroundings is hot.

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