Travertine is a popular choice for layering a pool deck. These tiles come both honed and tumbled and in various sizes to suit different requirements. This stone is a great choice to enhance your pool deck with its splendid color variations. It is ideal for extensive use in commercial buildings such as resorts and grand hotels for pool side areas. Travertine can withstand all kinds of weather and climate conditions. Honed or tumbled travertine pool deck has a smooth matte finish that does not get slippery when wet. This makes it perfect for a pool deck or any other area that will consistently get wet. Their durability has made them extremely popular in homes and commercial establishments all over the world.

Stone-Mart provides you with a wide range of travertine pavers to help you get the perfect pool deck. We offer high-quality stones sourced from our own quarries. The wide range of colors and patterns can be combined to create a striking contrast or used alone for a more uniform look.

Silver Select Tumbled Paver: These French pattern pavers come in ivory and gray with beige streaks. A perfect choice for a mesmerizing and enchanting pool deck

Savannah Sunset Select Tumbled Paver: These pool pavers come in various stunning color combinations of pink, silver, gray and gold. It makes your pool deck look luxurious with its attractive and pleasant colors

Roman Blend Walnut Select Tumbled Paver: Roman blend comes in various blended hues of gold, beige and ivory. It’s rich and luxurious colors give a grand appeal to your pool deck

Noce Select Tumbled Paver: This stone livens up your pool area with its earthy colors of beige, cream, and soft brown

Leonardo Select Tumbled Paver: This stone is an ideal choice for a calm and serene, yet opulent pool deck. It comes in lovely blends of amber and soft beige


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