A patio needs to be as well decorated as your interiors. A well-designed patio makes a perfect backdrop in a grand home, and quite often, it may even define the look of a house. Aside from your family, it is also the perfect place to organize a barbecue or a party. Travertine is an ideal flooring material for any patio. Its opulent, classical look brings a sense of refined elegance and charm.

Patio floors also need to be durable and strong. The pavers should also not be slippery when wet, particularly if there is an adjoining pool or fountain. Travertine paving with matte finish fulfill all these requirements. In case any pavers do break, they can also be easily replaced without any extensive remodeling.

Pavers for patios can be honed, brushed, tumbled with chiseled or straight edges. The natural patterns of the stones mean that no two stones will be alike. This allows you to create a truly exclusive design. The wide array of colors ranging from neutral hues of shell to rich shades, will allow you to experiment and come up with creative ideas for your patio. Accentuate your outdoor landscape by creating a contrasting theme with a combination of different colors and patterns or create eye-catching geometric shapes with two or more colors. Alternatively, you may prefer the simplicity and elegance of a harmonious theme created with a single type of natural stone paver. You can browse our extensive collection of both contemporary and classic styles to compliment your personal flair.

Stone-Mart offers a wide selection of travertine pavers sourced straight from our quarries in Turkey. We are thus able to guarantee high-quality products while ensuring affordable rates. Our pavers come in many industry-standard sizes for use in regular or French pattern paving. Our variety in designs, texture and colors will satisfy every need. Our experts can guide you with your buying choice, aided by our free samples.