Driveways Florida


Travertine Marble Tiles, Pavers and Driveways in Florida


Florida is the perfect place for the beauty of natural stone.  From the soft, white, beach like, Shell Stone for a beach house to the robust hues of Leonardo with bold splashes of reds and charcoal for the big house on the Intercostal waterway there is a travertine or marble that will make your project special.

When selecting natural stone some colder climates require just a bit of knowledge of natural stone to get the right material to last.  But in Florida we don’t have any issues with freezing so you can pick whatever color or style you desire and you can be assured it will last for generations.

Florida is the perfect climate for natural stone products and one of the main reasons is heat conduction.  Natural stone products are just that, real stone.  The chemical elements that make up your material dictate a lot on how it reacts with everything, temperature being one of those things.  With natural stone the elements that make it up are conductive with heat not reflective.  Meaning it dissipates the heat rather than condenses it.  This makes the stone cooler to the touch when the sun is beating down on it.  This is really nice around a pool deck or drive way where bare feet are commonly in contact.  It also keeps your building cooler by not reflecting as much heat raising the ambient temperature around your home or business.  Making decks and patios more enjoyable let along gorgeous.

Another great feature about travertine and marble pavers is that they are absorbent.  So on your pool deck, patio or driveway water does not pool.  It wicks it’s way though the natural pores of the stone leaving you a much safer surface.  This lack of pooling also keeps your space free of mold, mildew and other potential irritants or nuisances.

Not only does the heat reduction and the drying surface of the stone make it attractive but travertine finishes also provide a reasonable amount of surface grip without being overly abrasive on the surface.  Our Tumbled travertine or marble pavers has a surface that is smooth yet with travertine the natural features of the stone are  enhanced as the pavers are actually tumbled to remove any fragments and to texture the surface.  This matte finish helps prevent slips making your surface and home or business safer.

But what really makes Florida the perfect place for natural stone is our climate and how the stones natural beauty seamlessly fits with our landscape and how much time we spend out doors.  And having this beautiful deck not only increases the value of your property but it makes it more enjoyable and increases the actual living space because of all of the factors combined it makes your home or business more enjoyable and beautiful.

Another advantage of being in Florida is that Turkish travertine and marble are imported right here into the Port of Tampa.  The stone travels half way around the world and ends up here, in Tampa bay at our main warehouse and distribution center.  From here we package and ship the stone to other locations.  The closer you are to us the lower the shipping expenses and the lower over all cost of your project.

And here at Stone-Mart we can offer you tiles too for the indoors to make your project beyond expectations.  If you are looking for a rustic look our brushed and chiseled French Pattern tiles can make any room look like a castle.  Or any one of our lighter mables like Cappuccino or Ephesus in a polished surface can make any foyer a grand entrance.  And we even offer our Dark Emperador marble for the classic “black” marble look for a den, bar or bath.  At Stone-Mart we have everything you need to exceed your expectations.