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Blue Marble PaverFrench-Pattern-Ocean-Blue-Wave-Tiger-Marble-PaversFrench-Pattern-Ocean-Blue-Wave-Tiger-Marble-Pavers

French Pattern Ocean Blue Paver

French Pattern Ocean Blue Wave (Tiger) Tumbled MARBLE Paver
Size: French Pattern 
Color: Ocean Blue
Finish: Tumbled
Material: Marble

Product Description

This is an amazing stone.  It is difficult to capture it’s real beauty in a 2 dimensional photograph.  There are huge crystals in this stone that give it an amazing 3 dimensional look.  You actually have to touch it to appreciate it.  Looking at the stone you expect there to be a surface with features on it.  But when you touch it’s cool, smooth surface it takes a second to adjust because you expect to feel the 3 dimensions you seem to see.  The dark silver/blue tone of these stones is unique among natural products that strongly favor earth tones of creams, tans browns and blacks.  This Blue paver will give your home or business a truly unique look.

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