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Medium River Travertine TilesMedium River Travertine Tiles

18×18 Medium River Tile

18×18 Medium River HONED-Filled TRAVERTINE Tile
Size: 18 “x 18”
Color: Medium River
Finish: Honed-Filled
Material: Travertine

Product Description

If you are looking for something that is not too vibrant but also is not too muted this beautiful tile is the color selection for you.  This Medium River is between our soft colored Earth tones such at the Country Classic or Roman blend (Lean more towards tans and browns)  and the vibrant colors like Desert Gold or Autumn Blend (Lean more towards bright golds and reds).  It is a soft golden color from light cream to a medium brown.  Just perfect for in between.

The color pattern in this stone is varied between the flowing veins that are the hallmark of our River collections to the splashes of color more commonly found in the Cappadocia collection.  You get a little bit of everything with this stone without any one thing being over the top.

The finish is a honed and filled meaning it is completely smooth to the touch with a very slight sheen to an otherwise matte surface.  Again, this stone falls in the middle.  It’s surface is not as featured at a tumbled tile but not as shiny as polished.

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