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Chiseled Edge Travertine Pavers from Stone-Mart

Chiseled edge travertine pavers are an excellent choice for a worn or weathered look. They can be used to create a rustic semblance. These stones are known for the unique, classical effect they add to any area.

The timeless beauty of the stones also carries an opulent appeal. Chiseled travertine pavers give a sense of significance to homes and commercial buildings. These durable and rugged stones can handle high foot traffic and are easy to maintain. Travertine pavers are a versatile outdoor flooring option that can fit multiple needs. These magnificent stones are impressive in any outdoor area like a poolside, walkway, patio or driveway.

At Stone-Mart, we offer a wide selection of top quality chiseled edge travertine pavers. We import our stones from our quarries in Turkey. This allows us to sustain our products’ high standards for quality and affordability. You can order free samples or speak with one of our experts to find the perfect travertine pavers for your project. Some of our popular products are listed below

Walnut-Noce: These gorgeous stones come in attractive shades of beige, ivory and tints of dark brown. They give a rich, opulent look to any outdoor space such as patios, walkways and grass yard lanes

Scabas: Popular for their classic features, these stones come in rich luxurious colors of latte and chocolate. Perfect for adding a bold and edgy dimension to the surrounding

Leonardo: This beautiful stone has an alluring blend of beige, ivory and baby pink. Applications for outdoor spaces include lanais and entryways. It gives a magnificent and striking appeal

Country Classic: A beautiful stone in tones of soft brown and beige, this paver creates an interesting theme of contrasting colors in poolside areas, lanais, patios, and entryways. It makes your outdoor areas radiant and bright with its glossy finish

Cappadocia: This stone comes in neutral beige and latte colors. It produces a lively and exhilarating view for your exterior flooring. They are ideal for creating a custom setting that you can regularly change as you desire