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Beautify Your Project

Bullnose and ogee finish materials are the perfect compliment to the factory edges on your tile. Travertine or marble ogee and bullnose can be used to beautify your project by providing a border or finish to the piece. Ogee edge provides a classic look that brings out the elegance of your project.  Bullnose gives it a finished look where tiling would end.  Rather than have just your tiling stop it has to have some kind of definition or feature to that and Bullnose is your product.

Highlight Your Tile

Add a complete feeling to your living space by using bull-nose to add curve to the room on top of a surround or on the side of a wall. Common uses include:
  • Accents and Trim
  • Borders and Base Boards
  • Chair Rails
Ogee is also ideal for completion of door and window frames. We offer a variety of colors and finishes including travertine mosaic tiles, polished travertine, walnut travertine, cappuccino polished marble ogee, and many other options that are suitable for your project. All of our accessories are sold as individual pieces and come in industry size standards: 1"x12" dome bull-nose, 3/4"x12" pencil bull-nose, and 2"x12" for ogee.

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