A well-defined stone pool deck is a beautiful sight. Marble takes it to the next level.

Marble is an extremely versatile material. But, more importantly, it is the perfect stone that embodies opulence and class without a hint of gaudiness. It is not without reason that this magnificent stone has been used for centuries to create the grandest monuments.

Marble Pool Deck is an extremely durable and strong stone that will last you a lifetime. While polished or even honed stones can be slippery when wet, brushed or tumbled pavers and copings are perfect for areas that often get wet. They provide a good grip without the need for a rough surface. This is a practical material that allows anyone to walk barefoot comfortably without the risk of losing your foothold. This makes them the ideal choice for a pool deck.

Stone-Mart now allows you to create your masterpiece with marble pavers and copings for your poolside. We source our stones from our quarries. This allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality without sacrificing affordability. We offer a wide range of options for our customers to create the pool deck of their dreams. We have pavers and copings in various industry standard sizes. Our best selling pavers and copings include the following:

Ocean Blue Wave: This stone comes in splendid colors of dark silver, faded brown and cream. The stone has natural impurities in it that give the illusion of a three-dimensional surface. This quality makes for an enchanting pool deck

Diana Royal: Comes in beautiful blends of light to neutral tones. The stone contains unique patterns that include both streaks and splashes. An ideal choice for lanais and patios, it is also a great choice for an elegant and refined pool deck

Crema Pearl: A luxurious stone that is almost white with exquisite blends of cream and latte. It is the best choice if you want your pool deck to evoke memories of classical grandeur