$ 0 pts Basic Package
5,000 Bonus Sign-Up Points
Earn 1 pt. for every dollar you spend.
Reedem for in-store credit.
Level 2
$ 100,000 pts Level 2 Package
Earn 1.5 points for every dollar you spend.
Reedem for in-store credit.
Level 3
$ 200,000 pts Level 3 Package
Earn 2 points for every dollar you spend.
Reedem for in-store credit.


How do I earn rewards points?

You automatically earn points for every dollar spent when you register as a Stone-Mart Loyalty Rewards Customer. You can register at:

When will my points be awarded?

Points will be awarded at the beginning of each month for the month prior. Points are earned for every dollar spent the previous month. Points will be deducted for every dollar in returned items during that period.

How do I redeem my rewards points?

You can login at to obtain information about your account. All you need is your phone number and a registered password to access an abundance of information. Find out your current point balance and review a list of offers awaiting you. You can also obtain information about your past transactions and the rewards you redeemed. Once you have selected a rewards visit let us know how many points you would like to redeem and if you would like to redeem them for store credit.

What can I buy with my rewards points?

Rewards points can be redeemed for in-store credit. An additional bonus will be awarded when redeemed for store credit. Be sure to check often as you never know when other cool prizes may show up.

Will my rewards points expire?

As long as your account remains active your points will not expire. If your Stone-Mart Loyalty Rewards account is inactive for 1 year, we reserve the right to delete your account and any accumulated rewards points.

What if I cancel or return my order?

If an order is cancelled or returned, you will be refunded and any Loyalty Points generated by that purchase will be removed from your account.

How do the tiers work?

Every newly created account automatically qualifies at the silver level. Silver members earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Gold membership is achieved by reaching 100,000 points annually. Gold members earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent. Platinum membership is achieved by reaching 200,000 points annually. Platinum members earn 2 points for every dollar spent.

How is my use year determined?

Your account creation date is your anniversary. Your tier will be determined by the amount of points earned on your anniversary date.

Does my tier reset on my anniversary?

As a benefit for keeping your account active your tier will carry over into the next use year. Reward tier placement will be evaluated on your anniversary date. Your participation level is always calculated based on the prior years spend. You can always advance your tier based on your spend level. As an example you can reach platinum level in your first year of participation.

Store credit only.