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What is a Travertine Remodeling Coping? And what sizes do we offer?


4×9 Remodeling coping (Gold)

Beautiful pool featuring remodeling copingTravertine Remodeling Copings can be placed on top of existing pool copings opposed to having to remove your current pool copings while remodeling your pool. Using remodeling pool copings can be more cost effective during your pool remodeling process but the drawback is that you can only remodel once. Should you decide to remodel again, obviously you’d have to remove the existing remodeling copings. In other words, you can not place a remodeling coping on top of another remodeling coping.


Remodel Copings Come In Sizes Listed Below:



12x12 Remodeling coping (Gold)

12×12 Remodeling coping (Gold)












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