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Make sure you order extra.

It is important to understand when doing business with Stone-Mart that you are buying from a direct importer and a volume seller.  We are not a retailer like the box stores.  We ship more stone around this country than just about anybody. Because of this, that material you just bought from us is not sitting around in our warehouses waiting for you to do your job to find out you need 200 more square feet.  That shipment of stone you bought 2 months ago has long been cleared out and an entire new batch has been brought in.

It is important to understand what you are doing when buying from us but it isn’t difficult.  That is why we have this blog.  To educate you so you can get the best stone at the best price and have confidence in what you are doing even though it may be the first time.

It is different for different size jobs and of course you want to take into consideration cost and storage but as a rule you should calculate for at least 10% extra.  This should be calculated in when you are planning your job and ordering.  You have to order more stone than you need for several reason and breakage during shipping is one of them.  At Stone-Mart we take great care in packing and shipping your materials to you.  But even the best laid plans can run into issues.  This stone is literally being shipped from the other side of the globe.  Another is simply for craftsmen error.  A wrong cut or got some number backwards and that’s a piece for the scrap pile.   Another is to have extra material in storage to replace any pieces that might get damaged over time.  In other industries overage is calculated as much as 20%.

Do the math. Then add 10%. Then look at how many tiles or pavers 10% is.  You want to have at least a half dozen left over.  Maybe more if you might decide to do an accent later.  Then you have the right stone.  As mentioned, at a later date that stone you purchased will have been shipped around the country and will not be available.  We make our business in volume not margins.  That is why we price so aggressively.  So we can not guarantee that the stone we have today will match perfectly with the stone you bought in the past.  That is why it is important to buy all you need in one shipment.

Talk to your stone specialist today and lets get your home looking more like a castle.

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