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Are you thinking of adding some Zen to your space?  Stone-Mart is expanding our product line to include decorative

White Loose Pebbles
Stone-Mart’s White, Loose, landscaping and decorative pebbles. Arriving in October.

Landscape Pebbles.  We have the two most popular colors, black and ivory already on their way from Turkey.  They are arriving in 20 kg  (44 lbs) bags making it convenient for both transport and working in the field.  These stones have a “Natural Look” meaning they are unpolished.  If a shiny appearance is desired just a simple application of a sealer will do the trick.   We are excited about this new addition to our incredibly successful lines of tiles and pavers.  They can be used in hardscapes or can be a part of your Zen garden to relax your cares away.

These beautiful stones are the perfect accent to your travertine or marble deck or walkways. They give a natural and inviting look to your hardscapes both in the front leading up to the entrance way or for your garden or walk way in the back.  The uses are endless.  They can even be used for decorative applications inside your home or commercial space bringing a little bit of nature inside.  These stones can even be used in water features to provide a surface for the water to flow over to provide that soothing sound.

What is notable about pebble-scapes is they are permanent.  When installed properly they will last a lifetime.

Black Loose Pebble
And our Black, Loose, Landscape and decorative pebbles.

There are several benefits to landscape pebbles beyond it’s permanence.  It is a natural material like our travertine and marble so there are no harsh chemicals or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).  Just pure, clean mother nature at her best.  It also reduces landscape costs if used over wide areas as lawn care is no longer needed.  Another important aspect is it is very ecologically friendly in that unlike a lawn or plants there is no need for watering.  This is especially important in our southern or western regions where water consumption is becoming a concern.  Some estates use thousands of gallons of water each week just to keep lawns green.  With landscape pebbles all those issues are gone.  Because of water conservation in the Southwest it gained popularity there but with the beauty of the style it has caught on across the nation.

Like with all of our products Stone-Mart is happy to send you some samples of these stones so that you can judge for yourself the beauty of them in your application.  To learn more please call us and speak with one of our stone specialists today at (813) 885-6900