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Travertine is a gorgeous and amazing option for French pattern tiles and pavers. These stones have been used over centuries for building monuments and grand structures, and now bring beauty and class to modern homes and buildings. The material can be shaped to fit any kinds of installation, be it outdoors or indoors.

Stone-mart brings you a range of elegant French pattern travertine tiles and pavers. Our products can be used for interior flooring or wall tiling to accentuate the beauty of the room or for outdoor applications such as pool decks, walkways, patios, lanais and garden paths to lend an air of serenity and beauty. We offer these high-quality stones at attractive rates. Our extensive range of French pattern travertine products include:

Silver Tumbled Tile: This exquisite tile comes in beautiful patterns of silver, ivory and gray. It adds the perfect proportion to shower walls, kitchen foyers, and living rooms and enhances the entire space

Silver Select Tumbled Paver: These French pattern pavers come in ivory and gray with beige streaks. Use of these stones in outdoor areas such as poolside areas, gardens and patios add a breathtaking enchanted aura

Silver Brushed & Chiseled Tile: These tiles come in fascinating blended hues of beige, gray and cream. A great choice for all kinds of indoor spaces for a dazzling effect

Shell Stone Tumbled Paver: A captivating stone that comes in neutral hues of warm beige, soft brown, and chocolate. It is an ideal choice for driveways, pool decks and patios

Shell Stone Brushed & Chiseled Tile: These French pattern tiles are available in soft honey tones blended with beige and light brown. The chiseled finish makes any indoor spaces such as bathroom and living rooms elegant by giving them a classical feel

Savannah Sunset Select Tumbled Paver: These exquisite pavers come in various color combinations of pink, silver, gray and gold. A perfect choice for the poolside and entryways for a luxuriant vibe

Roman Blend Walnut Select Tumbled Paver: Roman blend comes in various blended tones of gold, beige and ivory. It gives an appeal of grandeur to any outdoor area with its rich colors


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