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Marbles have been used for centuries to beautify homes and surroundings. The stone gives an aesthetical difference to any outdoor or indoor area. The French pattern set of marbles are a great way to design the floor patterns. They come as a set of different sized pieces such as one piece each of 16” x 24” and 16” x 8” and two pieces each of 16” x 16” and 8” x 8” or other combinations that can be matched with each other to create a unique look for the floor. These patterns are ideal for complex design themes that enhance the look of the floor. They are available as both pavers and tiles and are ideal for homes as well as commercial buildings.

Stone-Mart is renowned for its exceptional quality French pattern marble that it ships across Florida and the rest of the US. French pattern marble tiles and pavers add a sense of classic elegance to a home or an office. All our marbles are imported directly from our quarries in Turkey, without the involvement of any third parties. This allows us to offer our range of these beautiful products at extremely competitive prices to our customers. Some of our offerings include:

Cappuccino Select Marble Tile: This marble comes in beautiful blends of beige, latte and cream. They are ideal for indoor applications such as living areas, shower stalls, and kitchen foyers, and provide a clean and exquisite look to a room


Diana Royal Marble Tile: A stunning blend of silver, white, and ivory, application of this French pattern marble gives a timeless and classic beauty to your living room, bathroom and bedroom

Ephesus Marble Tile: With the shades of beige and light mocha, this marble is an ideal selection for any indoor spacing for an exquisite and comfortable feel

Crema Pearl Marble Paver: A luxurious French pattern marble paver with exquisite blends of cream and latte colors. The pavers make your pool deck; patios and sideways look marvelous with their striking color patterns

Diana Royal Marble Paver: These pavers come in an attractive pattern of neutral tones. They are a great choice for lanais and patios and pool decks. Application of this marble paver to any outdoor spacing creates a luxurious appearance to the area around

Ocean Blue Wave Marble Paver: This French pattern marble comes in inspirational tones of silver, chocolate brown and cream. They are ideal for accentuating your outdoor spaces such as sidewalks, patios, pool areas and garden lanes

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