What is the difference between tiles and pavers?

Travertine is cut from the earth in huge blocks, and then cut down into tiles or pavers, in two ways:

Cross cut – The tile is cut along the grain of the stone leaving a more horizontal look.

Vein Cut – The tile is cut against the grain exposing the bedding of the stone showcasing linear color movement..

Travertine tiles – are offered in multiple sizes and patterns including 18×18, 16×16, 12×12, French Pattern and other accessories of varying sizes. Typically tile is 5/8 or ½ inch thick and come in 4 main finishes: honed and filled, brushed and chiseled, tumbled and can be polished to a high gloss Travertine tile can be used for indoor flooring, wall covering and even counter tops. Tile can also be used as outdoor flooring but should be installed over permanent or sturdy substrates such as a concrete patio or other hard surfaces. Another functional use for travertine tiles is wall cladding for the outer wall of you home or building increasing the home protection and beauty.


Honed and Filled – for interior use

Brushed and Chiseled- outdoor and indoor use,

Polished- indoor use. (Not recommended for wet areas such as shower floors)

Travertine Pavers – are made specifically for: outdoor use, ultra high traffic areas, wet areas, outdoor patios, pools decking, driveways, walkways and on and on. They are ideal for pool or remodeling projects. A paver made from travertine adds to home value vs. the commonly over-looked brick pavers. Travertine pavers have the natural ability to withstand extremes in weather, because they resist freeze and thaw condition and also do not retain heat. They come in many sizes as well such as 24×24 and 12×12. The most popular pavers are offered in the French or Versailles Pattern as well as 6×12 and can be laid in various designs and be installed properly by several methods depending on the conditions of the area to receive the materials. Like travertine tile, travertine pavers come in 2 standard finishes: Tumbled, Brushed and Chiseled.


Brushed and Chiseled- outdoor, driveway decks

Tumbled- pool decks and patio. (Best “finish” choice for wet areas)

Where does Stone-Mart get their travertine tiles and pavers?

Our travertine is mined from quarries in Turkey. Stone-Mart has exclusive access to most of the products we carry. This is why we can offer low prices and quality products.

What is the difference between tile and pavers?

The main difference is in the thickness of the product itself. Tile is typically 5/8 or ½ inch thick. Pavers are 1 ¼ inch thick. Tile is used more for the interiors and pavers are mostly used outdoors in high activity areas or areas that are exposed to the elements.

Where would I use Travertine?

Travertine is a sturdy and durable building material that can be used indoors outdoors and can withstand inclement weather and active home environments.

Can I get travertine tile and travertine pavers in the same color and finish?

Yes many of our travertine tiles and pavers are made in the same color and finish for those who want to color coordinate their indoor and outdoor floor covering.

What does the finished surface of the travertine tile/pavers look like?

There are four typical finishes for travertine stone:

· Honed and Filled – the very small holes in the face surface of tile is filled, then sanded to create a smooth and matte finish

· Brushed and Chiseled – Wire brushes are passed over the surface of the tile and the top edging of the tile face is chipped or “chiseled” for a more rustic finish used to give a more textured appearance.

· Tumbled – The tiles are literally tumbled in gravel and small smooth stones to create a softer, aged appearance and rounded edges.

· Polished – The tile is smoothed and buffed to a high shiny gloss.

Should my tile be sealed?

It is recommended that your tile or paver be sealed with a natural stone sealer for added protection, ease of cleaning and long term appearance retention.

What do I need to know to make a purchase?

When calling in to get a quote or make a purchase please be prepared to offer the following information:

1. What products are you interested in? Size? Color? Finish?

2. The amount of material you want to purchase.

3. Any accessories you want to compliment your order.

4. Billing information: both ship to, bill to: name, address, phone and /or email.

5. The form of payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer or Check

6. We will send you a formal proposal for materials and delivery as well as a credit card authorization form. These documents must be signed and returned for your protection and to complete the order process.

Does Stone-Mart stock inventory or do we need to special order our travertine?

Stone-Mart has the largest on hand inventory of Natural Stone Flooring and Hardscapes in the United States. Over 5 million sqft at any given time kept in our Florida warehouses under the proper conditions for quality control and immediate distribution.

Does travertine tile and paver come in different colors shapes and sizes?

Yes. Because of the huge range of natural products we offer, we can supply you virtually any and all colors that nature itself has created. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of combinations in colors and textures available including, but not limited to REDS, ORANGES, CARAMEL, IVORY, BLUES, CREAM, AND ON AND ON….

The textures (finishes) available are Polished- Tumbled-Honed-Chiseled- Matte -Brushed-Fired-Metallic- Pitted- Vein Cuts (horizontal and vertical).

We inventory all the standard sizes : 1×1, 2×2, 4×4 6×6. 4×12, 6×6. 12×12 16×16 18×18 24×24 French pattern and more…..But that’s just the beginning. You can always request a custom (size ) tile or paver order to meet your project specifications, for many of our products.

Why can Stone-Mart sell their products for so much less then what I typically see advertised?

Stone-Mart is a family business who owns financial interests in many of the quarries we import our material from, including : Turkey and Europe The material is shipped directly to our warehouse as ready inventory so that you can purchase directly from us, thereby eliminating any broker or reseller fees.

Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

Consistency in the products color may vary due to lighting, batch or lot number. Pictures may not be an exact representation of current material. Specific products may contain more than one batch or lot number.

Physical samples are strongly suggested before purchasing.

How long is my quote good for?

Quotes are available as long as material is still in stock and current listed pricing is still in effect. Material availability and pricing is subject to change. Quotes do not hold material.

Please contact a representative to confirm pricing and availability.

How can I return material?

All material is required to be inspected upon delivery, or within 24hrs of delivery. Any concerns need to be documented with photos in its original packaging and be sent in with your return request. The return request will then be subject to approval based upon the individual circumstances of your order.

Please refer to Terms & Conditions for full details.

What is the lead time on “out of stock items?”

The lead times vary depending on the specific material. Orders can still be placed to hold material on the next incoming shipment.

Please contact a representative for details on current lead time and incoming quantity.

Can I request a specific shipping date?

Stone-Mart does not guarantee a specific date or time for delivery. We will attempt to accommodate your request for a specific date, but it is strongly recommended that your request date be three business days prior to you needing your shipment. Shipments are confirmed the day prior to shipment.

If we are unable to confirm, then your shipment will not be made.