Why You Should Choose Travertine for Your Pool Surroundings

Whether you are renovating or building a new pool, you need to consider the type and quality of the materials you will use to create an aesthetically pleasing area. Moreover, you may need to consider special materials, like travertine in a tumbled finish, to create safer pool surroundings that is less prone to accidents caused by slipping and falling. A travertine pool makes sense if you are using pavers made of the same natural stone material for your pool deck. That way, you can maintain a consistent and uniform look for your pool surroundings. A travertine deck can be an elegant and sophisticated area where you can lounge or have parties by your pool, too. Here are more reasons why travertine is best for your pool area:

  • The material easily blends with natural surroundings – Travertine is made by nature, making it a good choice if you are aiming for a natural look in your pool area. A pool or a deck that is made of travertine can easily enhance your surroundings, especially if there is a garden or a natural lawn around those areas.
  • There are ready made copings for renovations – Leading suppliers of natural stone paving material carry a range of pool copings, including exclusive products like thick copings and remodeling copings. Use remodeling copings if you have no time and tools for a demolition. These pre-formed enhancement transitions are great for DIY projects as they are designed to be laid directly over an existing coping, and their four-inch turn can cover all kinds of damage, blemish, and uneven coping. Thick travertine copings are ideal for retro fit jobs and remodeling projects. Their increased thickness compensates for uneven travertine deck surfaces and pool lip damage. 
  • Extra grip for your feet – Tumbled edge travertine pavers are perfect for a pool deck because of their slightly textured surface, which creates extra friction between them and your feet, therefore, minimizing your chances of slipping and injuring yourself.

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