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Why Marble Flooring Is An Option for Outdoor Installations

It matters what material you use for outdoor installations, and while there are many different types of pavers you can consider for your deck, driveway, patio, or swimming pool, marble remains one of the most preferred due to its durability and sophistication. Marble floors are not only for indoor applications. With marble pavers, you can have equally beautiful and lavish outdoor spaces. There are reasons why marble is the best for outdoor applications. Here are five:

  1. It is durable – Marble is very durable and will easily outlive other materials. In fact, you can expect your marble deck, driveway, or patio to last for generations. This way, you are using material that is cost-effective in the long run while adding value to your property.
  2. It is green – Marble is a natural stone. It never goes through the manufacturing process and it is not treated with chemicals, making it environmentally friendly. Hence, you do not have to worry about marble pavers leaking or off-gassing harmful toxins into the soil, ground water, or the air.
  3. It stays cool – Even when your surroundings are hot, marble still feels cool to touch. The material is an extremely hard and dense stone, making it difficult for heat to transfer from the air or from your body. Heat dissipates quickly through marble, so the pavers do not feel any warmer. Because of that, you do not have to worry about burning sensations when walking on a marble driveway or walkway barefoot or with thin soles on your footwear.
  4. It is safer – Tumbled marble pavers are preferred for outdoor installations because they provide more grip for feet to prevent slips and falls. When used on driveways, the added texture prevents skidding.
  5. Easier to maintain and clean – Marble naturally resists bacteria and the pavers will not collect allergens like pollen and dander. If it needs to be cleaned, all you need is a clean, dry cloth with mild soap and water. The natural stone is stain-resistant, but be sure to clean up after dark liquids immediately to prevent them from permanently staining the surface.

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