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What Is Travertine Pool Coping?

Travertine is a natural stone that is harvested from quarries in Europe and Asia. This material is widely used for making tiles and pavers for interior and exterior floorings. They are used to make pool copings, too. Travertine pool coping remains as one of the finest choices in the market for enhancing look and functionality of the pool area.

Travertine is available in different textures, shapes, and colors, giving designers and homeowners the freedom and flexibility to create unique travertine pool coping. It’s not impossible to find travertine pavers that will complement the look of the whole area, regardless of the shape of pool or the color of the deck. If the pool is rectangular, your designer may recommend using travertine drop face pavers. But if your pool is round and curvy, then travertine bullnose pavers may be more appropriate.

Tumbled and honed pavers are often the choice for travertine pool coping because they are rough yet not too harsh on the skin. They also make the surface safer even when wet due because they offer friction. This means that you can walk barefooted on wet coping without fear of slipping.

You will often see travertine coping in hotels and resorts because of their enduring beauty and grandeur. Why not bring the same opulence to your home’s outdoor area? If you know where to look, you can buy high-quality travertine pavers at great prices.

Today’s travertine copings are designed for easy and fast installation and sealing. However, if you are not familiar with these types of projects, it’s always a good idea to let experts install them for you. You can ask your supplier for recommendations. As for maintenance, you can definitely do it on your own. Just remember not to use harsh chemicals when cleaning your travertine coping.

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