Using Travertine Flooring to add Your Personal Style to Any Space

Travertine flooring offers luxurious beauty, but there are many benefits that you can get apart from that. Travertine is a wise investment, and it can increase the value of your property, making it easily sellable. This type of flooring is typically found in kitchens and bathrooms, but it can actually adapt to almost any area in your house.

Travertine comes in various styles, and you will surely find one that will suit your interior design best. This material is available in a wide range of colors to go with any theme of your home’s aesthetics. Already have the exact look that you want to create? No problem because there are plenty of travertine shades to choose from – from beige to off white to darker hues. Each travertine tile has a unique natural veining pattern, which means that no two travertine tiles are exactly the same. Using travertine flooring in your space will also give it a one of a kind appearance. Travertine—like marble and porcelain, is classic and timeless. It is going to complement the theme or motif of your home, whether you want traditional interior design or modern aesthetics.

Aside from being appealing, travertine is also eco-friendly. Travertine does not go through elaborate processing since it is a natural and non-manufactured material. Not much chemicals are needed to create travertine tiles and pavers, and thus the production process does not create a waste stream. Travertine flooring is ageless and durable, and there’s very little chance of it ending up in landfills.

Travertine requires minimal maintenance – you will only need water and a pH neutral cleaner to clean it. Hence it will most likely stay stunning for many years. Over time, small imperfections may appear, but that is nothing to worry about because these “flaws” will effortlessly blend into the travertine patterns.

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