Types of Travertine Available Home Decor

Travertine flooring can look great regardless of your interior design. The colors and patterns of the natural stone tiles are timeless and will easily go with any home décor. The tiles are made from a type of limestone, so no pattern or color is exactly the same from one tile to another. This way, you can easily achieve a bolder look with travertine tiles. The tiles come in different finishes that can further ensure the perfect flooring for your home, too. Here they are along with some decorating and installation tips:

  • Brushed and chiseled – The finish provides a dramatic look that can make your floor a critical feature in a room. Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles offer a rustic look that provides a touch of old world elegance to a contemporary room. These tiles have been honed after fabrication, but the natural slight indentations in the stone are not filed to maintain travertine’s natural characteristics while ensuring a uniform finish. Each tile is mechanically brushed to make it slightly textured. This way, the finish is ideal in both indoor and outdoor applications. The chiseled edges further add character to the tile transitioning to break the monotony that is common in straight edge flooring.
  • Honed and filled – The smooth surface is achieved by filling the slight indentations on the tile before being honed. Honing makes travertine tiles flat and smooth, but without polishing the stone, resulting in a somewhat matte surface that is not as glossy as a highly polished floor. This way, the tiles can be great for rooms where the look of muted elegance is preferred.
  • Polished tiles – Travertine tiles in a polished finish provide a timeless appeal to a room. They can easily elevate the appeal of your home from drab to exclusive, too. Think mega mansions and palatial homes that are known for their grandeur and luxurious surroundings.
  • Tumbled – Small natural features are present in the matte and velvety surface of tumbled travertine tiles to add character to them. The tumbling process helps eliminate sharp edges and lose pieces. The floor is ideal for high traffic areas and places that are often exposed to moisture and wetness, as it provides enough grip for feet.


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