Travertine Pool Coping: Luxurious and Beautiful Element for Your House

Travertine is known for durability, standout aesthetics, and safe features. It’s easy to see why this material is extremely popular for both outdoor and indoor pool coping. Since the ancient times—as far back as the Roman era—travertine has been used to create iconic structures that have stood the test of time. Its adaptability and subtle elegance also allows it to transcend trends. Here are just some of the many reasons why travertine is exactly what you need for your house:

  • Durable

Travertine may be more expensive than most materials such as concrete or porcelain, but it is sturdier and therefore a better investment. Over time, other materials easily break and are more difficult to maintain. Travertine tiles and copings are not only easy to sustain—they can actually increase your home’s value, too.

  • Safe and weather-proof

Slip-proof and heat-resistant, travertine is the perfect material for pool decks and pool coping. Despite its smooth surface, travertine has more grip and traction than most materials making them safer and less prone to accidents. It also adapts to the temperature and remains low despite intense heat. Running or walking barefoot around the pool is no longer a problem.

  • Easy installation

Travertine pool copings are easy to install with the help of a professional. Some copings are designed to be user-friendly and could easily be installed even if you are not an expert. It could easily adapt aesthetically, and be placed directly over existing copings for a hassle-free experience.

  • Cost-efficient

Even though it is initially more expensive than most materials, travertine is actually more economically friendly in the long run. While most materials depreciate in value and quality quickly over time, travertine endures with little maintenance required.

If buying travertine, make sure that you order from a trusted dealer who can give you precisely the travertine coping that fits your pool. For best results, hire a professional to install or replace pre-existing coping.