Travertine Pavers: The Perfect Solution for Outdoor Requirements

It is much harder to pick materials for outdoor areas such as pools, patios and driveways because they are exposed to elements, harsh weather conditions, and prone to more damage. Aside from their appearance, the materials you choose have to be sustainable in the long run. Concrete, porcelain and marble tiles are materials that can hold their own in terms of quality, but they are not always the best options. Steadily increasing in popularity nowadays is the material that has been used since the ancient times: travertine. With its elegant looks and sturdy quality, it is the best material for outdoor use.

Travertine is made out of natural stones formed in hot springs which gives it a porous, smooth surface that is more durable than other materials. Often mistaken for marble because of its similar look and finish, it is actually cheaper than marble but more durable and is easier to maintain. Compared to brick, cement, and porcelain, travertine is heat-resistant. Ideal for pool decks, travertine pavers retain a much lower temperature even during the blistering summer heat. Going barefoot wouldn’t be a problem with travertine.

Wherever you live, travertine can withstand different, harsh weather conditions. Even with little maintenance, these pavers don’t easily gather dust, debris or moss. They are also resistant to discoloration which is a common problem for most materials. If ever you decide to replace or refurbish travertine pavers, they are easy to remove and repave. And if you decide to put your house up for sale in the future, natural stones such as travertine can significantly increase its market value.

Travertine pavers are also highly popular because of their aesthetic appeal. Dealers of travertine usually offer a wide range of shapes, patterns, and colors. Travertine pavers could seamlessly blend into your existing landscape while effortlessly upgrading the overall look of your home.

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