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Travertine Pavers Are The Ideal Choice for Driveways

Travertine pavers are natural stone material for outdoor applications like driveways, decks, patios, and walkways. Unlike other natural stone pavers, travertine is a sedimentary rock that is formed from limestone in underground springs. They are cooler than brick and concrete, and these characteristics make them perfect for areas where people are likely to be. When used as paving material for your driveway, travertine will add extra value and an unmatched touch of luxury to your property.

Premium grade travertine pavers come from the best quarries in Turkey, Europe, and Asia, and they are cut from the natural stone to retain their special qualities, which make them preferred for various exterior areas. Using these materials for your driveway will add an opulent and elegant touch to your property. Travertine can last for generations as proven by world famous structures which were made from it, like the Colosseum in Rome. The same material is used on the exterior of the Los Angeles Getty Center, and the stone is speculated to be about 80,000 years old since it came from Bagni di Tivoli’s ancient quarry in Italy.

Reputable suppliers of natural stone pavers offer travertine in two finishes. Chiseled edge travertine pavers provide rustic with a classic touch to your driveway. Their timelessness adds an opulent look and feel, too. Tumbled travertine pavers are versatile for any exterior design as they provide a look and feel of grandeur and luxury without being too garish.

Travertine pavers and other materials for paving driveways may be similar in the sense that they are easy to install. However, the former tends to be better than concrete or brick. The cost to purchase or install travertine may be higher, but it can easily be offset by the benefits of the pavers, such as the longevity, durability, and additional value to your property. Travertine pavers will look naturally better on a high-end home. Hence, you can be sure that the elegance of your driveway is consistent with the rest of your property.

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