Travertine Patio: Some Basic Maintenance Tips

Your travertine patio may be durable and capable of standing up to high foot traffic and any weather condition, but it will still require some occasional care and maintenance work to preserve its beauty. Travertine is a natural stone that requires special care when installed as pavers for outdoor areas like the patio. Here are some basic maintenance tips that can help you care for your travertine patio well:

  • Take note of the finish – Travertine pavers typically come in two finishes: tumbled edge and brushed and chiseled edge. Tumbled pavers are more susceptible to stains and becoming dull via etching. Hence, they may need to be sealed to prevent stains from permanently marring the surface. Check with the supplier and ask how the stone was sealed.
  • Take care of spills immediately – A travertine patio is a great venue for spending time with family and friends or chilling with your favorite snacks and beverages. However, be sure to clean up any spills as soon as possible. Travertine is sensitive to acidic and dark substances alike, so be sure to clean up after ketchup, tomato sauces, carbonated beverages, grape juice, and red wine immediately. Use hot water and a specially formulated stone cleaner.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners – Avoid cleaners that contain lemon, harsh cleaning agents, vinegar, ammonia, bleach, and other general cleaning products that contain alkalis, acids, and other chemicals that can harm travertine. If there are stubborn stains, use a poultice. You can create one by combining baking powder and a specially formulated stone cleaner. Apply the paste over the stain, then cover with clear plastic wrap. Let it stay there for several days to allow the poultice to draw out the stain. Use warm water to remove the poultice, then buff with chamois or a cotton cloth.
  • Occasionally use a dust mop – If you and your family often spend time in your travertine patio, use a dry and non-treated dust mop regularly to sweep any dirt, dust, or debris away. Take time to wet mop the patio with hot water and a stone cleaner at least once a week. Avoid vacuuming, especially if your attachments and cause the pavers to crack and chip.

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