Top 5 Uses Travertine for Travertine in Louisiana

Travertine is an ancient material used for many different residential and commercial flooring applications. This material is not only durable and beautiful—it can also be cost-effective and if you buy from a supplier that directly imports from quarries in Asia. This is a great way to buy them below market price.

Thinking of adding travertine to your home? Below are just five of the many ways to use this exceptional natural stone – Travertine Louisiana in the USA:

  1. Travertine Decks

Travertine pavers are popular for pool decks because they have unique qualities that other materials don’t have. Travertine decks are weather-resistant and water-absorbent, helping prevent slipping and falling. They do not only make the pool area more inviting but also safer for kids. Another great thing about travertine is that they keep themselves cool during the summer months, so you can walk barefoot comfortably.

  1. Travertine Driveway

There are various types of travertine pavers that are perfect for driveways. Since travertine pavers can handle the weight, cars and trucks can drive over them without a problem. You can also extend the pavers all the way to your patio if you want.

  1. Travertine Bathroom

Enhance the look of your bathroom and make it more luxurious by installing mosaic travertine tiles on the walls and patterned travertine tiles on the floor. Travertine is great for areas that are in contact with water. You will surely appreciate the versatility of this material.

  1. Travertine Tile Floors

Travertine tiles make excellent interior flooring, too. You can choose a different style for your bedroom, dining area, and living room.

  1. Travertine Kitchen Countertops

Whoever said that travertine is only for floors and walls probably doesn’t know that this material is widely used in kitchen applications, too. Travertine kitchen countertops are available in matte, polished, brushed, and tumbled finishes to cater to the specific requirements of homeowners.

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