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Things to Consider About Travertine Texas Distributors

The best class of travertine comes from the quarries of Italy, Turkey, and other parts of Asia. Because these high-quality travertines are rare in the US, choosing a supplier won’t be easy. So, before you select a distributor in Texas, you will want to do your homework about them first. Here’s a list of everything you want to know about Travertine Texas distributors:


It pays to read about the supplier’s history on their website because it will give you a clear idea of how experienced they are in this industry. It is better to order your travertine from a supplier that has been doing this business for a very long time because they are likelier to have an established network of sources. They are knowledgeable about travertine and other types of natural stones and can, therefore, provide the best advice to help you complete your projects.


Learn where they import their travertine tiles and pavers from. You can be specific by asking them the names or actual location of quarries. Most distributors source from Turkey, which is the largest exporter of this natural stone.

Travertine Selection

Have a look at the types and kinds of travertine that the supplier sells. The best distributors often have wide selections of tiles and pavers for different indoor and outdoor applications. They can cater to both homeowners and builders on a large scale.


Find out where their storage houses and showrooms are so you know where you’ll have to pick up your order or where your delivery will come from.

Other Service

Aside from selling travertine and other products, what value-added services can they offer? A reputable travertine distributor can assist you throughout the entire purchasing process, from picking the right travertine for your project to teaching you how to maintain them.

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