The Best Way to Install Travertine Pavers on Wooden Deck

Travertine pavers are often installed at ground level over granular stone, but they can also be put in place over a wooden deck. Substrate systems can be used over the wooden frame so that travertine pavers can be laid right on top. Framing creates a lot of elevation possibilities and prolongs the deck’s life to as long as the framing lasts. Compared to interlocking travertine pavers over a gravel base, travertine that’s installed on a wooden deck required less maintenance. If you are interested in installing travertine pavers on a wooden deck, here are some steps that you can follow:


  1. A travertine paver deck needs a traditional wooden frame over which modular grating panels will be secured and fixed by screws. After the grating is put in place, you may already start installing one travertine paver after the other.
  1. When it comes to travertine pavers-wooden deck situations, your frame must be framed as usual but with a few minor adjustments. Keep in mind that this wooden deck needs to hold up travertine pavers. Experts agree that 2×8 wood decking material should be the minimum. Also, make sure to install a bigger band board or rim joist around your deck framing’s perimeter. This will firmly set the pavers inside the framing.
  1. If you are going to use travertine stone stairs as well, you need to consider the weight of the pavers. Ordinarily, you’ll only need to use one midspan stringer. However, with paver stone stairs, you will want to add an additional stringer to make sure that the step will firm enough to carry the weight.


There are now a lot of paver deck concepts and designs that you can use as a reference to enhance your outdoor space. Travertine pavers on a wooden deck require less maintenance and give an opulent look to your property.


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