Reasons Why Travertine Pattern Should Be at Utmost Priority

If you are tired of the usual straight edge pattern on tiles, there are other options that can make your flooring less boring and transform it into a unique and eye-catching feature in itself. French pattern travertine tiles are the popular tiling pattern that is designed to prevent rigidity and monotony in conventional square tile installation, especially when straight grout lines are used. This travertine pattern can easily be installed with the thin set method, which can help reduce installation costs, too. Looks and savings are not the only benefits of the French pattern tile, as the natural stone itself will provide a refined and detailed feel to any space.

French travertine pattern tile is composed of four different sizes of tiles, which is often delivered in two bundles with many pieces. A supplier will provide four 8” x 8”, two 8” x 16”, four 16” x 16”, and two 16” x 24” tiles, resulting in a total of 12 pieces per set, which should cover a 16-square foot area. As long as you buy premium grade French pattern travertine tiles from a reputable supplier, you will be provided with a diagram that you can follow for DIY installation, or you can hand it over to your preferred professional installer.

Premium grade travertine pattern tiles are the highest-quality there is, with their consistent finish and look that will last for generations. They are versatile for a variety of applications, too, including kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms. Travertine can easily handle heavy foot traffic, so you do not have to worry about your floor fading or becoming ruined, even if you have kids or pets running around at all times, or you tend to have a lot of guests. If you are unsure what color or finish is appropriate for your needs, consider consulting with the supplier’s ‘natural stone experts’ and order free samples.

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