Reasons Why French Travertine Pattern Is the Classiest Pattern Amongst All

Tiles are typically installed in a monotonous and rigid way that results in a geometric look with straight grout lines. This can make your flooring look boring and ordinary, but it can work if you do not want it to become the main attraction of your room. If you are aiming for a bolder look, consider using French pattern travertine tiles, a tiling style that breaks the monotony of conventional square tile installation. It is easy to install, often with a thin set method, which can help minimize installation costs. Once set, the French pattern tiles can become a feature of the room in itself, while making your room more refined and detailed.

The pattern is also known as the ‘Roman’ or ‘Versailles’ pattern. Regardless of the name, it is the natural stone flooring that is becoming popular in custom residential and commercial projects. Both French pattern travertine tiles and pavers can easily add character to indoor and outdoor spaces respectively. The interlocking pattern provides a versatile design that can work with any space. The different look it provides can make the floor look more noticeable every time someone steps in, and it can work with any interior design or exterior landscaping.

French pattern travertine can easily elevate a space. A set of tiles come with 12 different pieces in sizes like 8” x 8” (four pieces), 16” x 24” (two pieces), 16” x 16” (four pieces”, and 8” x 16” (two pieces). Reputable suppliers and manufacturers will provide a diagram to help you with the installation. The best providers of natural stone tiles source their travertine tiles only from top quarries and sellers in Asia, Turkey, and Europe, and they guarantee premium grade flooring that will last for generations. Tiles come in different colors, too, and if you are unsure of what to get, consider requesting free samples from the supplier, so you can make an informed decision.

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