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Reasons to Purchase Travertine Tiles for Your Kitchen

Are you renovating your kitchen area to make it a more beautiful and functional place for family meals, entertaining, and cooking? Then it’s time you looked at travertine tiles. Travertine is a beautiful type of natural stone hailing from the limestone family. It is one of the most durable options around; in fact, travertine was used in many ancient structures that we still see today, including the Roman Colosseum. Travertine tiles make elegant and long-lasting kitchen flooring. They are practical and go well with many types of interior design.

In terms of finishes, there are 4 major types of travertine tiles: (1) brushed and chiseled, (2) polished, (3) tumbled, and (4) filled and honed. If you are going for a more rustic look for your kitchen, choose either tumbled or brushed and chiseled travertine.

Tumbled travertine tile are stunningly elegant despite their ruggedness. They are great for homes with a shabby-chic or European chalet aesthetic. The unfilled surface of tumbled tiles render them slip-proof, too, which can make your kitchen safer.

Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles are also great for kitchens. Wire brushes are used to treat these tiles, bringing out their natural texture while ensuring a more uniform finish. They are left unfilled so that they can maintain their porousness. The chiseled edges make them look weathered and dramatic, adding to the overall appeal of your kitchen. These travertine tiles can be stylized or butted. Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles are great for kitchens but are also widely used for bathrooms and even dining and entertainment areas that receive high foot traffic.

To get the best value as well as expert advice on what travertine tiles are most suitable for your project, get in touch with a reliable natural stone supplier. Ask for samples that you can take home with you. Seeing exactly how the tiles look in your own kitchen can help you make the best decision.

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