Popular Travertine Paver Options for Pool Decks and Outdoor Hardscape Surfaces

  • Savannah Sunset Select Tumbled: These pavers blend different colors such as pink, gold, gray, and silver. They are great for luxury resorts as well as upscale homes.
  • Silver Select Tumbled: These pavers have unique French patterns with gray and ivory streaks. They are widely used in hotels and luxury residences because of their timeless visual appeal.
  • Roman Blend Walnut Select Tumbled: Stunning and elegant in their own way, Roman blend walnut select tumbled pavers come in blends of beige, gold, and ivory.
  • Noce Select Tumbled: If you are fond of earthy colors like cream, soft brown, and beige, then opt for nice select tumbled pavers.
  • Leonardo Select Tumbled: These pavers are known for their blend of soft beige and amber colors, which are calming to the eyes.

Your travertine deck supplier can help you choose the best types of pavers for your deck. Do note that caring for your travertine pavers is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your pool deck. It’s a good idea to clean the pavers at least once a year with a pressure washer or brush to remove dirt. Don’t use harsh cleaners to avoid damaging the natural stone. Sealing can help keep the integrity of travertine pavers and needs to be done during installation, and then every 3 to 5 years. If you want to save labor time, you can purchase sealed travertine pavers directly from suppliers. The best suppliers offer a wide range of natural stone options. Request for sample pavers to check the quality of their travertine before you place a big order.

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