Marble Pattern: Tips to Select the Best One

Marble tiles are easily the best choice when it comes to creating elegant and luxurious flooring. However, keep in mind the overall appeal and quality of the floor may depend on the type of marble pattern you will choose. Marble is a natural metamorphic rock that is dense and durable, but the tiles may differ slightly in terms of color and pattern. Hence, the selection process can become overwhelming, especially if you have to consider specialty tiles, like French pattern marble. Use the following guide to select the best marble pattern for your property:

  • Determine where you will use the tiles – Marble can be supplied as tiles and pavers, depending on the application. Go for marble tiles for indoor applications (i.e. your bedroom, living room, and hallways), and pavers for outdoor applications (i.e. your driveway, patio, pool deck, and walkways). Marble tiles and pavers can come in a finish that will make them suitable for your intended application. For example, tumbled marble pavers are suitable for driveways and pool decks due to the extra grip they provide to prevent skidding and slipping. Marble pattern tiles in a traditional polish are excellent for your living room, and you have the option to order them with a straight or beveled edge.
  • Avoid the guesswork by choosing French pattern marble tiles or pavers – Also known as the ‘Versailles pattern’ or ‘Roman pattern’, French pattern is characterized according to the way the tiles are arranged, which is designed to break the monotony of conventional man-made tiles and the grid-like, uniform appearance they provide. A set of tiles is made up of four tiles in different sizes. They are sold in bundles that will usually cover a 16 square feet area. This way, the French pattern marble tile creates an eye-catching floor that will never look dated, even if you change your interior décor and furniture.

Order free samples – Leading suppliers of marble tiles and pavers can provide free samples upon your request. Take advantage of that offer so you can make an informed decision on which marble pattern, color, or finish you should buy for any particular application.

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