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Make Your Pool More Attractive With Travertine Coping

Travertine is a smart choice if you are looking to upgrade or install new pool copings, especially if you want a material that can easily elevate your home’s status while creating a sophisticated and elegant outdoor leisure area. Travertine copings will undoubtedly make your pool more attractive, especially if you pick the premium grade natural stone. Reputable and seasoned natural stone suppliers in the US work directly with the best sellers and quarries in the world and import travertine coping and pavers directly from Europe and Asia to pass the savings to their customers.  These suppliers offer travertine copings in three different categories, too:

  1. Standard pool coping

This is a standard bullnose coping for your in-ground pool or spa. It is ideal for pools that have a unique shape or plenty of rounded curves. Standard pool copings are big enough for a cost-effective installation and small enough to help you save time by not requiring large cuts. Natural stone suppliers carry them in a size that is 4 x 9 x 1.5 inches, but you have the option to order them in other sizes for rectangular or square-shaped pools, too. These copings are versatile and can be used for the stairs of your pool, too.

  1. Remodeling copings

Some of the best natural stone suppliers in the US understand how time-consuming and expensive it is to remodel an existing pool, especially when you need to demolish it. With remodeling copings, you do not have to worry about that. These pre-formed enhancements are great for DIY jobs as they can easily be laid directly over an existing coping. The four-inch turn can cover all kinds of damage, uneven coping, or blemish.

  1. Thick copings

These are exclusively available only at the best suppliers of travertine tiles and pavers in the US, and designed for retro fit jobs and remodels. These pool copings are two inches thick, so they compensate for uneven deck surfaces, install flushes, and pool lip damage. They can be a remedy to reduce trip hazards around your pool, too.

Travertine copings will not just make your pool more attractive. They can increase the measure of safety of your swimming pool, too. Tumbled travertine copings provide more grip for your feet, so you can reduce the chances of accidents caused by slipping.

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