Luxurious Ways to Decorate Your Driveway with Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers are great for driveways because they are elegant, durable, and extremely practical. They can make your driveway—which is one of the main highlights of your property—look much more luxurious. Travertine is a beautiful and hardwearing stone that is designed by nature itself to last for many years. Did you know that this material was used in ancient structures that still stand today, including the Roman Colosseum?  With travertine pavers, you can create a stunningly elegant driveway that can potentially add value to your property.

Your driveway needs to be able to handle heavy vehicular traffic and varying weather conditions without cracking. It also needs to look great; after all, it’s one of the first things people usually notice about your home. Best Travertine paver combine beauty and durability so they are perfect for this type of application. You can choose different types of finishes to create the look you prefer.

Brushed and chiseled edge travertine pavers are perfect for homes with an old-world, rustic aesthetic. If the courtyards you find in Renaissance castles appeal to you, then chiseled edge honed, thick, and unfilled travertine is a great choice. You can also choose tumbled edge travertine for your driveway, which minimizes skidding and improves safety. Tumbled travertine pavers are timelessly sophisticated with their faded hues and rounded edges. The key is to choose travertine pavers that are about 1¼” thick. They should be able to withstand the weight of heavier vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks. Make sure that they can be laid on existing concrete.

Not quite sure which travertine tiles or pavers to use for your project? Don’t worry—simply contact a reputable supplier of natural stone tiles and pavers for advice. They can even provide you samples of travertine pavers upon request so you can see exactly how they look in the area where you want to install them before you commit to an order.

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