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Learn About the Unique Styles of Marble Pool Coping: Stone-Mart.Com

The exquisite and elegant look of marble makes it a good choice when building a luxurious pool. Marble pool coping lets you adorn the waterline with a durable and magnificent stone that will add a level of safety for you and your guests. For outdoor applications, marble is preferred with a tumbled finish, and that is what you get with pool copings, too. The tumbling process removes any loose chips and sharp edges from the natural stone while ensuring that some grip is retained to prevent slips and falls. Marble pool coping will easily add curb appeal and value to your spa or swimming pool, regardless of its style. Stone-Mart.Com carries a vast selection of marble pool copings, so you should be able to find a style that suits your taste and your exterior decorating goals.

Marble is a natural stone, so the patterns are completely unique. No two slabs are the same. Marble pool coping will have different patterns and a slight difference in color variation, too, but that is part of its charm. In fact, the unique styles of marble pool coping let you create a more natural look for your swimming pool. Stone-Mart.Com can send you free samples of the copings that you want, so you can see exactly how they will look and feel like on your property.

Marble pool coping comes in different types, too. There is something for every construction or renovation project. For instance, standard pool copings are the perfect way to finish a spa or an in-ground pool deck. Standard bullnosed tumbled marble coping from Stone-Mart.Com comes in a size that is just right to not require large cuts while making any job cost-effective. Tumbled marble copings are available for rectangular-shaped pools with straight edges, and they are versatile for use on the steps of the pool, too. For remodels, Stone-Mart.Com offers two-inch thick copings and specially designed remodel copings that are easy to install to hide blemishes and other problems with previously used coping.

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